Welcome to the Austrian Insurance Association

The Austrian Insurance Association (VVO) represents the interest of all private insurance companies operating in Austria and supports its members in legal, fiscal, economic and international matters.

Austria's insurance industry employs 26.094 persons and is among the biggest investors in the country. The sector makes a considerable contribution to issues of political relevance to society such as, for example, provisions for old age, health, protection during leisure time and in traffic, safety and security for property and business activities.

VVO currently has 136 members, 123 of which have their registered offices in Austria. 106 member companies have their headquarters in Austria; 17 are regional offices of foreign insurance companies and 13 operate in Austria from one of the EU member states, as part of the free movement of services. In 2012, licensed Austrian insurance companies achieved premium volumes of € 16.284 billion (of which € 15.8 million by smaller insurance associations reciprocally). Insurance benefits amounted to € 12.8 billion in the same period.